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We are North Alabama.
We are Exploration.
We are Part of You.

We’re more than a trail or greenway.

The Singing River Trail will be a 200+ mile greenway system that strengthens regional bonds, and creates new health and wellness, educational, economic, tourism, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people and communities of North Alabama.
We Are


The Singing River Trail will connect people and visitors to museums, cultural heritage areas, Native American sites, music venues, shopping, historic downtowns, and natural resources. It’s time we get out the welcome mat and show off a little, North Alabama!

We Are

Health and Wellness

A greenway is much more than just a place to exercise. It’s a place to engage your mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Don’t believe us . . . take a walk or go for a ride in the woods and see if you feel better. Get outside, North Alabama!

We Are


How do you tell a child to save the planet if they can’t tell the difference between an oak tree and a pine tree? The Singing River Trail will become a 220+ mile beacon of outdoor learning. Bring us your active and lifelong learners and let’s explore North Alabama together!

We Are


If all we did was build a greenway . . . we failed. The Singing River Trail will become a tangible ribbon of capacity and opportunity building for the people and communities of North Alabama. Start a biking club, plant wildflowers, create a history tour; you name it and let’s do it!

We Are


The Singing River Trail is open for business. SRT hosts Launch Tank, a yearly “Shark Tank”-style competition, so we can identify new ideas and invest in them. If you have an idea or want to expand an existing one, give us a call and let’s get to work!

We Are

North Alabama

It’s time to show up and show off the Singing River Valley in North Alabama. We have so much to offer and share. Let’s focus on the things that make us whole and good. Let’s connect them with SRT. Let’s proudly move forward together as we invest in each other. Are you in? We are!