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Mooresville Family Provides New Headquarters for Singing River Trail

Who does that? Who does that you might ask?

Who donates a beautiful home and six acres to the Singing River Trail to be its office, visitor center, headquarters, park, and all-around fun space?

The McCrary Family of Mooresville . . . that’s who.

It was an easy yes when Laurence and Natasha McCrary and Margaret-Anne (McCrary) Crumlish offered the Singing River Trail a landing spot at 4865 Arrowhead Landing Road but with a challenge . . . make this new SRT home a center of outdoor recreation, hospitality, and leisure. Make it a place where individuals, families, or groups could come out and use this space like a park, a picnic spot, or just enjoy a rocking chair on the house’s front porch.

But we want more!

SRT wants to make this a “clubhouse” for local running, biking, hiking, birding, art, music, or any other groups that want to engage North Alabama’s best assets . . . our fields, forests, bays, streams, rivers, and small towns. The Singing River Trail will also make this a corporate retreat center that can be rented out for the day, and we will show Alabama that even nonprofit organizations can generate revenue to put directly back into trail building.

If you have an idea and you think it might work at the SRT House tell us and let’s see what we can do. Cornhole? Hammocks? Horseshoes? Bird Blinds? We want this to be a public space that becomes a launching point for outdoor activities, health and wellness, and recreation. We will have more information soon but, in the meantime, please know you can visit our six acres now and get a feel for what will become our new home.

We will leave the light on for you!