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Singing River Trail Secures $5.7 Million Investment for Western Expansion

The Singing River Trail is excited to announce that United States Representative Robert Aderholt has invested $5.7 million in federal money to support the design, planning, and construction of new SRT sections in Courtland, Town Creek, and Leighton. This marks a major milestone in the Singing River Trail’s journey toward creating a better future for the people of North Alabama.

Thank you to Representative Aderholt for seeing the vision of the Singing River Trail and showing what public service and servant leadership looks like at the federal level.

A Collaborative Effort

Winning this investment was made possible with the support of Mayor Linda Peebles of Courtland, Mayor Mike Parker of Town Creek, Mayor Derick Silcox of Leighton, and Colbert County Chairman Tommy Barnes. They played instrumental roles in pitching our “Try-Town” approach, bringing together three towns, two counties, and the Singing River Trail. Looks like collaboration wins again… to the tune of $4.1 million. Uniting their efforts to support the trail’s expansion will benefit the entire region.

Safety & Connectivity

As part of the federal investment, the Town of Courtland has secured a $1.6 million RAISE grant to redesign and replace an aging railroad bridge. The bridge is a hazard and blocks the progress of the Singing River Trail. The new bridge will be built to modern specifications and will not only ensure safety but also accommodate the Trail along Jefferson Street. Thank you to Brandy Phillips and Mayor Linda Peebles for this project’s success.

A Collective Vision

The Singing River Trail’s expansion efforts have also been supported by public-private partnerships. The Town of Leighton secured a $1 million TAP grant to build the Trail into its downtown area, thanks to the support from Bank Independent. This partnership is the perfect blend of public/private, profit/nonprofit, and local/regional.

Impressive Return on Investment

The Singing River Trail is making a difference, raising a total of $6.7 million for this seventeen-mile stretch of Alabama. This success came after Courtland, Town Creek, and Leighton collectively invested a total of $30,000 to support the SRT. Not a bad return on an investment! This effort showcases the power of a common regional vision – a belief shared by Bridgeport, Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur, and other towns who have invested in the Singing River Trail. Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

Looking Ahead

Excitement continues as we work with Alta Planning+Design to finalize the SRT Western Route Plan, which will include trail signage and a wayfinding catalog. This will be released to the public by the end of July. Meanwhile, we’re making even more progress, with work already underway on three sections!

The Singing River Trail’s accomplishments are far from over. With several million dollars yet to be reported and a statewide plan in the works, we will continue to make an impact on Alabama.