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SRT’s Western Route Plan: Paving the Way to the Shoals

Exciting news is on the horizon for the Singing River Trail (SRT) as we proudly unveil our completed Western Route Master Plan, depicting our path forward from Decatur to the Shoals. And unlike many paper plans that simply become doorstops or dusty reminders of an idea, the SRT Western Route Plan has already generated millions of dollars of federal grants, state funding, and private donations – and that’s before we ever even finalized it and made it public.

Connecting North Alabama’s Western Communities

Our Western Route Plan is more than just a vision on paper. It provides our vision for a direct route that connects over a dozen communities: Decatur, Trinity, Hillsboro, Pond Spring, Courtland, North Courtland, Town Creek, Leighton, Ford City, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Tuscumbia, and Florence. The SRT team has worked with these communities, as well as leaders in Morgan County, Lawrence County, Colbert County, and Lauderdale Counties to maximize connectivity for health and wellness, outdoor recreation, tourism, entrepreneurial growth, economic development, civic engagement, and natural resource conservation.

Funding for Projects

This Master Plan goes a step further, highlighting fundable projects in each community with cost estimates, high level design concepts, photo simulations, and a narrative that explains how each project fits into the larger plan. Each community and county along our Western Route now have a clear path toward engaging its natural resources and other communities.

A Vision Coming to Life

This Master Plan has already created direct funding for Courtland, Town Creek, and Leighton with a pending federal grant application in Decatur. It has also become the foundation for state support of SRT from the General Fund and additional SRT support from Innovate Alabama.

What’s next? That’s easy – Let’s get to work! The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has agreed to help with signage for existing trails and roads, allowing for a seamless connection of the route.

Happening Now

We haven’t forgotten about the other half of North Alabama. Thanks to collaborative efforts with city, county, state, and federal partners, there are already 50+ miles of SRT trails ready to be explored! We are now placing conformational signs along these trails across North Alabama.

So, gear up, get out, and experience the Singing River Trail!