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Welcome Home to the Singing River Trail

We are North Alabama. We are Exploration. We are Part of You.

The Singing River Trail WILL be more than just a 200+ mile greenway system that spans across North Alabama. It will connect people together at a time when we seem to be pulling apart. It will bind our communities together; embracing what makes us unique and whole while confronting challenges that have held us back. It will be a place where you can find physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellness during trying days.It will be a reason to visit North Alabama and allow someone not from here to turn to their person and say “I could live here;” creating a new worker, a better quality of life, and new opportunities in Alabama. Lastly, it will create new jobs, businesses, and aspirations for ALL of our citizens regardless of where they live, how they live, or their circumstances. We are Alabama.

The Singing River Trail DID start off as a 3 County/70-Mile greenway system, but it has expanded to become an 8 County/200+ Mile green ribbon that binds North Alabama together. From the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Jackson County to the recording studios of Muscle Shoals in Colbert County, from Rocket City to the River City, from the pennycandy of U.G. White to the cocktail culture of Florence . . . we will be there. Connected, authentic, and inclusive. We are Alabama.

The Singing River Trail IS no longer an “if” proposition, it’s a “when” project and the “when” is now. SRT currently has thirteen trail-related projects on the ground across North Alabama. From Trail Route studies to actual design and construction, SRT is working with local firms across the region to help employ civil engineers, landscape architects, GIS technicians, and support staff. Job creation will only grow as we grow. We will support our neighbors because our neighbors have supported us financially, politically, and as volunteers. We are Alabama.

The Singing River Trail